Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dopeness On A Sunday Morning

Whatup ...Man Im just sitting back digging through some music and listening to good tunes while eating cold Pizza and Orange Juice...Nice...

Cant stop saying this over and over again.. Premier is SICKENING! Big Up! His productions are truly legendary and Id love to just sit there and watch him work when his creativity levels kick in.

Gangstarr has been a Hip Hop staple for as long as I remember. Upon coming on the scene I fell in love with the combination of Premo's gritty and raw beats and Guru's monotone delivery that amped the listener up with every line. But it got no better than this when teamed up with Branford Marsalis to deliever to the world what I would like to call the MASTERPIECE that brought the elements of Jazz and Poetry together to formulate this.

Sharing is caring. I absolutely LOVE this track.. So dope..

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