Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New Phenomenon?

I first heard dude in 2007 on Trey Songz's Replacement Girl and told the world then... "This kid is going to be a problem"... Obviously I was right. Drake has come at the right time and is spitting the correct game to make the world see things through his eyes.. I can honestly say that this dude has some hot sauce to cut the mustard and make the rest of the rap game catch up (ketchup). Ok I know that was corny but still...
His newest songs "The Best Ive Ever Had" and "Every Girl" have shot up in the club world and has taken the airwaves by storm! But the one track that has really caught my ear is the newest one called "SUCCESSFUL". A really gritty yet subdued track that spits out the realness with a haunting chorus.. I just wanna be success---fulll.... I just wanna be... I just wanna be success---ulll...Wow...
I am a believer... at least for the moment.. So now I know who's been penning all the Lil Wayne hits for the past couple of years....All good... Hats off to you Drake... do the Hip Hop community proud man.
Cant wait for the album.

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