Thursday, June 25, 2009

WOW..........Air Sex?

Air Sex Competition Trailer Photos Twitter After a year of sold out shows at the Alamo Drafthouse and the Paramount theater in Austin, TX, the Air Sex World Championships are taking to the road and touring fifteen U.S. cities in the search for this year’s Air Sex Champion. Air Sex is sort of like Air Guitar, except instead of pretending to play an invisible guitar on stage, contestants get up there and pretend to have sex with someone who isn’t there. With their clothes on, typically. They pick a song to perform to and then have two minutes to impress the judges with their overall Airness. The concept for Air Sex originated in a small club in Japan, and YouTube clips of a Japanese oddity TV show from Britain burned up the Internet two years ago. When that video landed on League’s desk, he knew it was a show that had to be brought to America. The first Air Sex Championship season took place exclusively in Austin, with semi-monthly competitions at the Alamo Drafthouse and a finals performance, pitting all the winners of previous rounds against each other, in the historic Paramount Theater as part of the opening night of Fantastic Fest. To find a new champion for this year, we are taking the Air Sex crew on the road across North America for three weeks, bringing along emcees, judges, and performers that wowed the crowds in Austin last year. In each city, they’ll be inviting local Air Sexers up to the stage at rock club venues, and the winner of each round will be flown to the Air Sex World Championship Finals later this summer. - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Blog For any and all potential participants please email
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