Tuesday, June 2, 2009



This ain't a tribute, you still here, word up You still here, Corleone
I know you can hear me cuz I'm still feelin you, oooh (Feelin you baby)
I know that you can hear me cuz I'm still feelin yoooou, yeah
Yeah yo If I recall it was Valentine's Day Me and the misses gettin ready for a night on the town to parlay The phone ring, I check the caller ID Seen your phone number, damn I shoulda answered it If I had the slighest idea that was gonna be our last convo, I woulda picked up yo Please accept my apology, I know you're listenin It ain't a day that go by without the crew sayin we miss him February 15th, you was judged by the most high I was really mad at God You had big plans, you was about to be the man and I'm Proud to death that you a part of the fam It be a privilege you associated wit us I hope you in a good place where life is love P.S. keep lookin over us, paw Wherever ya at, wherever ya are, love ya nigga
Now what's the deal, dog The tune really got me zonin So I can't build long cuz it feel wrong So I dedicate this to make this right Rep you to death so it's Flamboyant for life Missin you, wishin you were here back wit us On this track wit us, but the facts are rough Woulda loved to see you hit it off, that platinum stuff But my dog was layed to rest when the gat was bust You was the man in San Fran, headline in Amsterdam I even seen you put it on in Japan They had to barricade your wake cuz we came in packs To see L, Coogi and specks, wit the hat to match And that was dope, and if he woulda woke and spoke I bet my next royalty check he woulda cracked a joke 1-3-9 live nigga, the hood die young They say the good die young, Harlem fly nigga
I know you hear us, L I don't know how much can be taken by one man Lost you and my grandmother in a five-month span Thought we'd both live to see the golden years Drinkin beer on the sidewalk in foldin chairs If we couldn't spit rap, we'd live quite fat Playin chess in the park, you know sh*t like that When we first met, down at Rock and Will's Knew it wasn't gon' be a problem to cop you a deal Used to come through the block just to stop and build It was all just a dream but sh*t got for real When you signed your first deal, you went the slow route You was a bad mothaf**ker kid, no doubt You had the plan and all, standin tall We stay breakin night at the gamblin hall You know our steelo, we turn street corners into casinos Blackjack to C-lo's, Spades to Pokino We stack notes, played around, cracked jokes Now you a livin legend of rap quotes No doubt, you left a lastin impression That's why I'm not too fond of people askin me questions Your memories'll be hauntin to mines Or cats out there who didn't want you to shine They ain't know but I knew and you'll forever be Big L Corleone, Mister MVP, feel me?


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